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Sustainable Farm to Digital Kitchen for Delivery & Pickup

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Ingredients sourced from the most sustainable food growing system on earth. 

Hermetia illucens, the black soldier fly
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Black Soldier Fly Protein

A sustainable alternative to Soy and Fish Meal: Larvae fed a food-grade waste product such as spent brewers grain, coffee grounds, bakery products, etc. resulting in a sustainable complete amino acid protein source.


Insects are nature's primordial food source, it is about time we look to nature as a guiding force. Larvae get humanely harvested and become the primary protein source for feeding salmon and chickens. 


Low Carbon poultry achieved through sustainable insect based protein feed source, creating a higher nutrient density, harder eggshells, and allergenic alternative.

Leafy Greens

The water from the salmon tanks gets filtered leaving only nutrient and nitrogen-rich water in which an array of lettuce, herbs, and produce can sustainably grow. 

Why the world needs Sustainable Food Sources?

Modern Agriculture is Unsustainable

We use one-third of the arable land on earth to feed livestock, and if global meat trends continue along their current path, we’ll have to deforest another landmass half the size of the continental United States by 2050.

The Science of Sustainability

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Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) Explained

Central Ohio Flagship
 Development Plan

Powered by Renewable Natural Gas

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We believe Renewable Natural Gas has the power for AcovaGrow to sequester more carbon than we produce and be a model for addressing climate change. 

Capital Plan

R & D Phase / Demonstration Facility : Underway

Phase I Scale: Green Bond Issuance 

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The AcovaGrow Name

“As an ocean cove in nature provides a safe harbor for fish, AcovaGrow is leading the way in alternative sustainable protein, so together we can heal our incredible planet for future generations.”

Cova in Italian translates to Hatching. At AcovaGrow we are hatching salmon from eggs and new technology based way of farming that will likely exist for the duration of human existence.  


The world's ever-increasing population has placed an enormous strain on our planet's delicate ecosystem. For now decades, our civilization is exploiting nature's vital resources such as the practice of indiscriminately catching small non-human grade baitfish, baking them, and grinding them up into fishmeal for feeding specifically farm-raised chickens and fish. Our ocean's fish stock is depleted. The other source of protein being used is soya which is causing deforestation and doesn't contain all the essential amino acids. At AcovaGrow, our mission is to replace Fish Meal and Soy as the protein base for animal diets.  

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